It takes time, and still to this day, I sometimes feel like it would be easier if I wasn't a part of it.

But I also know that I am worthy. I am not weak. I am just human and that's okay.

TW: References to suicide

I have been writing this article for a good few months now. Always pushing it away, asking myself if it was the right move for me to share this. The thing is, I do not want others to pity me or think I am asking for attention, and while I know this is exactly why I need to do this, it is hard to stop thinking of the stigma and people’s perception of it. See, people tend to think of me (or at least from what I am told) as this strong independent woman who has got her shit together (also referred to as a scary and rude french woman). And I did not want people to think less of me, or think I was not strong because of what you are about to read. But writing has helped me through all my dark days and made them a tiny bit easier. Reading other people’s stories or experiences has also always made it that bit easier. So, maybe this is going to change people’s perception of me, maybe for the worst but maybe for the better, but at least I know I have done what I believe is right, being open, honest and true to myself.

Anyway, here it is.

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