'Although the counselling didn't fix it completely, it allowed me to express myself and showed me that talking about these issues is the first step in making them better'.

Ross's Story

Trigger Warning: References to Suicide.

I've had a troubled childhood from an early age, from a household with alcoholic parents it is difficult to grow up "normally", this led to me being alienated in primary school and making very little friends. My parents got divorced and my dad committed suicide, at age 10 this obviously traumatised me, and again led to me distancing myself from any friends I had, so I never talked about this with anybody. Then came secondary school and I hadn't developed enough social skills to make close friendships, this continued until I was about 16, and although my mother was still drinking heavily, I managed to deal with these emotions, and make some friends, but I still wasn't talking about these personal problems, which led to my emotions piling up on the inside