The first step to taking action is always the scariest part, but that first “I’m not doing okay and I need help” is the beginning to helping yourself towards a happier, healthier and brighter version of you. I promise you there is a way out, there really is.

Rosa's Story

I have always been a happy, confident, bubbly person growing up. I loved sport, dance, energy and the world as a whole. I have always been good at finding even the smallest positive thing in everything I do. But that merely describes the outer image I have portrayed to my life and my social media. That really only describes the tip of the iceberg in my current life as a university student.


SEPTEMBER 2015: My story begins even before I set foot into university life. My dad died suddenly in 2015 when I was 17 years old of a heart attack while he was riding his bike. I was about to enter my final year of A levels, and what would be one of the most important year of my life. My dad was my partner in crime. We had become extremely close as we shared a love for cycling, so most weekends were spent with him cycling and competing. I loved my life. But after his death I was confused, spaced out, and numb. I didn't know how to process the rush of different emotions relating to the trauma of his passing. This happened a day before I was beginning my last year in A levels. But I didn’t drop out of college, and used exams and revision as a distraction from my mental health problems. I found an inner strength that pushed me to work through the pain, study hard, and thankfully I did surprisingly manage to obtain a place here in Loughborough for Sport and Exercise Science, even though my grades fell massively short of the expected requirements