Anxiety Across the Border

I’m an international student from across the globe and being away from home is not easy. Even though I have been away from home for 2 years for sixth form, university is a whole 180º change. I don’t usually get anxiety, but I do get stressed really easily and it just gets over my head.


Due to the current situation with Coronavirus, flights have not been easy to book, and the schedule have changed majorly on the daily. Every night I would go to bed feeling calm, knowing I have a flight book for home. The next morning, I would get a message from my parents saying my flight is cancelled and we have to book for the next one. The next one would be a week later as everyone is trying to get home before the lockdown.


On top of that, all economy seats are sold, only expensive seats are left. The uncertainty really scares me as I am 6000miles away from home and did not want to stay at my hall with limited resources, plus everyone in my block has left, so I would be in lockdown by myself. Anxiety just hits me every day because of the uncertainty and I just feel really sick, without being able to cope with daily routines.


I am currently back at home and under mandatory quarantine for 14 days in a hotel room and I’m just stuck in a room, which is not mine, just with my thought and myself. This makes me feel anxious as we all know overthinking is every day. But I have just been finding new ways to cope with my anxiety. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and this is just the case for it.

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