'I am not alone in my struggle with mental health, and neither are you. Never forget that'.

Nathan's Story

Trigger Warning: Description of Attempted Suicide.

By the age of thirteen years old, I knew there was something wrong with my mental wellbeing. At fifteen, my doctor told me this feeling was depression and anxiety. Self-harming began at seventeen, and a year later I attempted suicide for the first time. Even though my mental health issues are still ongoing, and will be for years to come, I am slowly understanding ways to cope. Recent events have led me to talk about my mental health for the first time, and whilst this was a huge and difficult challenge for me, I now understand the importance of doing so and how much it helps. Because I opened up about my struggles, I now know that I am not alone, and that there is an abundance of support, not just professional, should I ever need it. I truly feel that by opening up, I have taken my first steps on the road to recovery. In the hope that someone reading this will feel inspired enough to talk about their own mental health, I have decided to share the story of living with anxiety and depression as a university student.


For the most part, my life has been dictated by anxiety and depression. They are anchors that weigh me down and prevent me from reaching my full potential, both in and out of university education. My mental health started its downward spiral in my teenage years, but since coming to university, it has never been so bad. I can confidently say that my current mental health makes my teenage years look like sunshine and rainbows. The reason behind this is the various pressures and environments that university brings, and how someone like me has struggled to get used to the new setting.