It is so vital we raise awareness of mental health, especially as somebody who knows how it feels to not want to talk about how they’re feeling.

Maddie's Story

Following a doctors appointment in 2015 we discovered I suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), majorly triggered by my Grandpa’s death over Christmas 2014. This means that I don’t specifically worry about something particular, such as social anxiety, but I tend to hold an ongoing worry, which comes apparent in my obsessive nail and finger biting. This also includes low levels of energy, which we have been working to solve through an energising and healthy diet, tension within the shoulders and neck and difficulty concentrating. These are all results of my constant state of nervousness and worry, whether it be big of small, I am always feeling tense and nervous. 2014 itself was a difficult year for not only myself but my whole family.


My Grandpa had been suffering from cancer for a number of years, but during the period of 2014 his health deteriorated massively, resulting in us moving from our family home into a bigger house, suited for us and both my Grandparents. This allowed us to help care for him and ensure my Granny could try and enjoy her last few moments with him, rather than being his sole carer. In and out of a hospice he eventually moved home for Christmas, in which he passed Christmas Day. This was an extremely difficult loss for everybody. For me, this worsened my anxiety; I suffered palpitations and chest tension, sickness and insomnia, as well as my nail biting being at the worst state it has ever been. I became extremely unhealthy, not sleeping or eating properly and being extremely nervous at the prospect of almost everything.