Acts of kindness should not only be done to the people around you but never forget to also act them on yourself

Trigger Warning: References to Suicide


Where do I begin? For as long as I can remember depression has been a part of me. Growing up I spent most of my teenage years coming home from school, locking myself in my room, shutting myself away from the outside world and feeling sad and depressed. I lived with a dark cloud above my head and demon voices inside telling me I was unworthy. Many mornings I did not physically feel able to get out of bed and face life. I did not know what was wrong with me and just assumed that it was me being different or lazy.


Many years later, after I moved to the other side of the world for university, a family member committed suicide and I was told that my grandfather from the same side of the family, who I never met also took his own life. This, along with other personal trauma, broke me and was a key catalyst of my depression. I was in a very dark place, constantly ignoring my sadness, putting on a happy face when around others and was impossible to reach out to. I was not doing well and struggling to cope especially as I was 10,883km away from my family and home. Only until September 2018 was I ready to face my problems and seek help.

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