From someone who never thought things would get better, I can promise there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Eloise's Story

The eye rolls come in and looks of envy come in when I tell my course mates I am allowed extensions on every piece of coursework on every module. The strange looks come in when I mention my attendance isn’t marked by the department. And of course, the look when others see the self-harm marks on my arms. I would give anything to not have these measures in place, but I have been suffering with post traumatic stress disorder for the last six years and they are only there as they are necessary.


Abuse as a teenager meant I have suffered through school, CAMHS meetings, and so many tears until I attempted to take my own life and ended up in a psychiatric unit at the age of seventeen. Specific symptoms mean I’m reliant on medication to get through everyday life and will likely be for the majority of my life. Part of this is to bust the myths around psychiatric hospitals and help break down the stigma around mental illnesses.