I'm doing so much better and I'm grateful for my new support network

Ellen's Story

TW: Suicide.

I've had mental health issues for 6 years or so and I am currently suffering from PTSD, Body Dysmorphia (BDD), Major Depression, and a Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I have also attempted suicide several times in the past and yet somehow, despite the odds, I'm still here, and I'm working towards getting my degree in Politics. Starting university was definitely a huge change and did affect my mental health, and I found that especially at the start of term, I really was on my own.


During my first month at Loughborough, I was extremely suicidal and tried to speak to student services about getting some support as I had applied for the DSA and was granted sessions with a member of the mental health team once a week. The woman I first spoke to was dismissive of what I was trying to explain to her and directed me to make a GP appointment, which I did.