I’m so glad I’m still alive and fighting as I am now starting to see a brighter future.

Ella's Story

Trigger Warning: References to Self Harm

The name of the author of this story has been changed at the request of the author.

Writing this post is making me realise how grateful i am for the support i receive from loughborough university. I suffer from PTSD, Anorexia Nervosa, Depression Self Harm and Anxiety with other possible diagnoses being talked about. These issues have been around for most of my life, being diagnosed nearly 6 years ago. I’ve been through most of the therapy you could think of from CBT, DBT and EMDR to intense inpatient treatment on an Adult Eating Disorder Ward. My conditions seem to be quite treatment resistant as I have been in treatment for nearly 6 years and am still in a vulnerable place. Ive been on many different mixtures of medications over the years and recently been put on another due to bad trauma episodes and as they say 'it has to get worse before it gets better'. I have defiantly found this to be the case. In regards to my eating disorder I’ve not done this well in recovery ever over 10 years, this is thanks to my wonderful home team and the backing off the mental health support team and EDISS believing I can still make it. This time last year I was about to be admitted to hospital and couldn’t be at uni after being sent to a&e from the GP in an ambulance because worry over my heart.