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Mood Disorders

Nathan's Story

Published 20-04-2019

I am not alone in my struggle with mental health, and neither are you. Never forget that.

Ellen's Story

Published 20-04-2019

I'm doing so much better and I'm grateful for my new support network.

Libby's Story

Published 20-04-2019

But as much as i struggle one thing uni has taught me, is that being 'normal' doesn't exist and that regardless of what my inner voice tells me, i can be loved for exactly who i am.

Annie's Story

Published 20-04-2019

As alone as I feel sometimes, I know I have people around me who understand, and that is one of the main things keeping me going.

Alex's Story

Published 20-04-2019

All told I know that now I have time, sorting my life out will be no easy thing. I know that I will need months, if not years of counselling. It will take time to redevelop healthy habits.

Alannah's Story

Published 20-04-2019

It’s been an exhausting battle, but for once, I think I’m winning.

Eleanor's Story

Published 20-04-2019

It has taken a long time, but I am still growing, learning how to deal with my situation and becoming better at being me.

Anon's Story

Published 20-04-2019

I’m writing this story so that others can see that no matter how scary it is to tell people what’s going on, the people who care about you will support you and help you through tough times.

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