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Anxiety Disorders

Tolo's Story

Published 20-04-2019

'What made me struggle the most was to accept that what I was going through was a “valuable” excuse to seek for help'

Maddie's Story

Published 20-04-2019

'It is so vital we raise awareness of mental health, especially as somebody who knows how it feels to not want to talk about how they’re feeling'.

Lucie's Story

Published 20-04-2019

'Looking back now, from a place of relative mental stability, had I gotten help when I needed it sooner, I likely would never have started having panic attacks'

Abbie's Story

Published 20-04-2019

'It's not meant to sound like a cliché, but those counselling appointments were what I looked forward to every week'. 

Anushka's Story

Published 20-04-2019

I have confidence in my abilities in what I do, hence why I am posting this. Because despite everyone telling me Anushka is not right, this is right, I was never wrong. This is my superpower.

Alex's Story

Published 20-04-2019

'The hardest thing I have ever had to do was to choose to live when I wanted to die, and I have been choosing to live ever since, no matter how much I may have wanted the opposite'.

Chole's Story

Published 20-04-2019

'Everything will be okay in the end; if it is not okay, then it is not the end.'

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