'What motivates me now on the darker days is that by looking after myself, I will be in a better position to help others mentally, physically, personally and professionally'.

Ashleigh's Story

I’ve been involved with mental health services since the age of fourteen, but had a couple of years away prior to university. I was extremely keen to make a fresh start at uni, almost pretending as though I had never faced an eating disorder or depression at all. I stopped updating my mental health blog and set out to live the “typical uni student” lifestyle. The excitement of freshers and first year, and a whole new environment did lift my spirits, but it quickly became apparent that I couldn’t ignore my mental health. Drinking regularly and not being under the watchful eye of my parents was a dangerous combo in some respects. I’m grateful that I became friends with people whom I could confide in about my mental health history. I feel I am quite good at sharing my successes at uni, and feel proud of what I have managed to achieve while I’ve been here. But what most people do not see is when I crash mentally and physically.