There are still bad days, still days I struggle to get out of bed, but now I have people who won’t allow me to wallow and spiral. I hope this helps someone open up about their problems and seek the help they need.

Anon's Story

TW: References to Self-Harm




Back home my secondary school is known for the vast array of mental health problems of the students. Whether this is from the academic pressure they put on us or just because an all-girls school affects students this way is unclear, but the fact my doctor was able to guess which school I went to was a clear sign that this was a known problem. I started suffering from depression when I was about 15, at least that’s the age I realised something was incredibly wrong as I self-harmed for the first time. From then until I left that school at 18 I cycled through periods of self-harm, deep depression where I couldn’t go more than half an hour without bursting into tears for no apparent reason, panic attacks over the slightest inconveniences, and starving myself because I could not stand the way I looked. I was lucky at school, surrounded by people going through similar mental health problems I never struggled speaking to anyone and was quickly put onto anti-depressants and found a local counsellor to talk to.