I know that so many people at university feel the same, so as alone as I feel sometimes, I know I have people around me who understand, and that is one of the main things keeping me going.

Annie's Story

I’ve suffered from mental health problems for about 7/8 years now, due to various factors such as bullying and academic pressure throughout secondary school. I was the specific target of a group of bullies as I was a tomboy, had short hair, played and watched football and was always very shy. From death threats over social media to physical harm of which I still have scars. On top of my school being the best semi selective school in the country, I was hating going to school more and more. Most lunchtimes from year 7-11 were spent sat on my own battling with my own thoughts. I started to overwork myself to cope with being alone all the time, spending all my time over my sketchbooks in the art classrooms to save having to face all my classmates outside of lessons. The more and more time I spent on my own thinking over how alone I was, the sadder and sadder I got. I started experimenting with self-harm in year 8 and have never really stopped. Whether it was physically harming myself, or not eating or forcing myself to stay awake so I didn’t have to go through the same repetitive nightmares every night.  But I always had a drive, something to keep me going. I got through lower school to get to GCSEs, got through GCSEs to get to A level, and got through A level to get to Loughborough.