All told I know that now I have time, sorting my life out will be no easy thing. I know that I will need months, if not years of counselling. It will take time to redevelop healthy habits.

Alex's Story

To explain the current state of my mental health I must first give context; I’m a third year, and my mental health issues are far from recent, regularly abating and relapsing. The reasons aren’t always the same, but an underlying issue rarely stayed away for long, and it wasn’t until the December before first year at Loughborough that I was diagnosed with a well-known social interaction disorder. While it cannot be treated, like many other illnesses, it does help to know the root cause of my difficulties. This information, combined with fortunate circumstances, led to perhaps my most successful year last year.  I made friends with a great group of people, I pursued my sport as much as I could, in my role on a club committee I was able to give back to my fellow club members, I achieved grades I was happy with, among other things. Not everything went well, but I was able to accept it and move on.