I used to believe that caring too much was a big weakness of mine, but my last year at university, particularly within welfare through my amazing committees, has shown me the importance of kindness.

Alex's Story

TW: References to Suicide Throughout




In April of 2018, as I was nearing the end of my second year at Loughborough, I decided to apply for the role of mental health coordinator within the welfare and diversity section of the LSU. This was despite the fact that only a year prior to my application had I tried to end my life.

Before coming to university, everyone tells you about the fun you’ll have and most people warn you about how hard you’ll have to work. No one warns you about the effect it can have on you mentally and that is probably where most of my problems began in first year. I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder in the summer of 2016, just before I came to university. To me this didn’t seem daunting because I thought I had a good handle on the way my anxiety could make me feel. However, I wasn’t prepared for the loneliness I’d feel during my first term, or the doubt that I would placed in myself about whether university was the right choice for me.